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Here you will find all the information you need to learn how to do business internationally.

Guidelines and Tips

Learn the key information your company needs to grow in new markets, with the regulations, standards and steps to achieve your goals

E-commerce platforms

E-commerce has two views: one for content management, and one for the store display for users.

How can I ship my product effectively?

In order for export merchandise to arrive in good conditions and at a reasonable price to consumers, producers must choose an adequate method of transportation.

Trends and Opportunities

Check out the latest developments in your industry, to discover opportunities and benefits for your company

Global Services News Roundup: Volume 2

Prepare yourself for lively discussions highlighting the dynamism of offshoring and outsourcing in an era of technological change.

FTAs offer a golden opportunity for SMEs

Free trade agreements between two countries not only create better business expectations for large companies but also offer numerous benefits for developing and strengthening exporting SMEs.

Success Stories

Learn the stories of entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean who have found opportunities in new markets

Outsourcing in Colombia: from goods to services

Colombia was the so-called “blue collar” industrial outsourcing leader. Although it lost that position due to the expansion of the Asian economies, the country has consolidated itself as a “white collar” outsourcing hub, in other words, in processes and services.  

Learn about success stories in ConnectAmericas

We present the companies that closed deals thanks to contacts made on the platform and in the communities.

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