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Here you will find all the information you need to learn how to do business internationally.

Guidelines and Tips

Learn the key information your company needs to grow in new markets, with the regulations, standards and steps to achieve your goals

FTAs offer a golden opportunity for SMEs

Free trade agreements between two countries not only create better business expectations for large companies but also offer numerous benefits for developing and strengthening exporting SMEs.

What should an export plan contain?

There are several reasons prompting a firm to sell its products in the international market. It is not difficult, but as most things in business, it requires adequate preparation and training.

Trends and Opportunities

Check out the latest developments in your industry, to discover opportunities and benefits for your company

6 keys to competitive craft businesses

Improved competitiveness can translate into more consolidated and profitable businesses.

Architectural services offshoring

This is an area that has grown enormously in the outsourcing services industry.

Success Stories

Learn the stories of entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean who have found opportunities in new markets

Uruguayan theater in Paris

The theater play “Ex-Que revienten los actores”, sponsored by Uruguay XXI and directed by director and playwright Gabriel Calderón, premiered with the original cast at the Quartiers D’Ivry Theater in Paris and at the International Theater Festival in Santa Cruz de la

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