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Established in 1999

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Centrica is a company based in Florence (belonging to Innovation Park Le Murate) skilled in hi-res digital imaging, interactive applications and knowledge management. Our solution are suitable for various sectors, particularly for cultural heritage and tourism. With Centrica we have realized the digitization of more than 1000 works of art directly in the museum, producing images of 150 MegaPixel from 1999 to 2014 (nowadays we create GigaPixel images, both 2D and 3D). This digital asset has been the starting point for Uffizi Touch® presented the first time at Shanghai EXPO 2010 in Italian Pavillion. Uffizi Touch® now is a Cloud application (see UffiziTouchCloudENG.pdf and video in Hamburg il Landesinstitut für Lehrerbildung und Schulentwicklung and video with highlight of functionalities based on our proprietary software platform. Two integrated innovative technologies (XLimage® and XLknowledge®) are the base for Centrica Platform which enable web, tablet&smartphone, touch screen applications promoting new thematic approach to digital content at very high resolution. The product which better expresses these features is Uffizi Touch® (, presented for the first time at Shanghai EXPO 2010. A new product for proximity cultural&touristic experience through smartphone and tablets, called UBILIA® ( has been launched recently. In 2015 Centrica has founded VirtuItaly, a startup devoted to digital exhibitions. First one is Uffizi Virtual Experience, see video at VirtuItaly has produced the immersive&interactive digital exhibition Uffizi Virtual Experience, see video at this link:, a unique product that is raising interest worldwide. We will be in Leipzig in 2018.
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Italy, Canada

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SEAT Pagine Gialle, Hitachi, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria NOvella, Florence Municipality, Tuscany region

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