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Wakaru® is a technology-based company, focused on developing Big Data solutions to manage, analyse and process complex events in real time; the creation of 100% digital customer experience ecosystems; software development services or tailor-made integration, innovation and R&D, talent outsourcing, auditing and consulting in management systems and information technologies. We leverage our innovation capacity to develop new products with a SAP® consulting practice specialized in customer and asset management, and logistics automation supported by SAP® vertical systems: S/4HANA for Utilities, CRM and Digital Supply Chain and GTP automation®. We apply our knowledge to all sectors of economic activity, but we have significant international experience in the Energy and Utilities sector where we have been introducing intelligence in network management, transforming them into smart grids, integration of network management systems (OT-Operational Technologies) with business support systems (IT), improving operational efficiency and the customer experience. Water Wise System® delivers a 360° view of the urban water cycle, transforms data into knowledge through the convergence of analytical, predictive algorithms and real-time monitoring, management and control of the potable, wastewater and rainwater networks. The convergence of analytical and predictive data, supported by machine and deep learning, generates smart real-time alarms that identifies abnormal behaviours in water networks such as quality, losses, leaks, bursts, reducing response times, non-revenue water, balancing supply and demand and optimizing the water-energy nexus. Our integrated management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001® (Quality Management System), ISO/IEC 27001® (Information Security Management System) and NP 4457® (Research, Development and, Innovation Management System) standards. We’ve been working for Customers in Africa, Europe and South East Asia since 1986. Among those are multinational companies from Energy and Utilities, Telecommunications, Financial Services, High Tech and Public Administration. Our assignments ranged from audit to advisory, training, systems design and implementation, project management to innovation, research and development. #2018 Recognition by the Water Global Practice of the World Bank and several government entities in Panama, as the Water Wise System® is one of the most innovative solutions worldwide for the management of water networks, winner of the H2O Challenge award. #2019 ANI-National Innovation Agency, recognizes suitability for the practice of innovation and R&D, in Water and Environment, and Energy, Management and efficient use of water, Smart energy networks, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and IoT. Finalist of the contest “Promove - Border Regions”, organized by the La Caixa Foundation. #2020 ADENE - Portuguese Energy Agency, within the scope of the AQUA + prizes "Technologies for monitoring and controlling water use: TECH AQUA + Network", in its first edition, made in collaboration with Planetiers World Gathering, attributes the honorable mention of interoperability to the Water Wise System®. Wakaru® with the Water Wise System® was one of the 20 startups with the most promising solutions to solve the challenges of the 21st century selected for the Get in the Ring Lisboa competition. Our Process We love to think different. We like to put things in perspective and discover new possibilities. ##Wise Platform Our Wise Platform by transforming data into knowledge, has the ability to generate, monitor, control and manage, in real-time, events and smart alarms by creating operational intelligence, converging real-time analytical and predictive vectors over a geo-referenced view of all data from networks and external sources. The Wise Platform is an event driven solution, providing through its integration layer an open ecosystem for agnostically integrate with assets and systems. In this way creates an aggregate view of the whole ecosystem that constitutes the reality of the company that manages such networks. The Wise Platform is inweaved with the main areas that involve a Smart City, creating a path for new knowledge in water, energy, gas, hydrogen, transportation, communications. ###Water Wise System Focused on the integral management of the urban water cycle, developed for Water Utilities. Water Wise System® is an intelligent solution specifically designed for management and massive processing of complex and heterogeneous events. Links the different realities that surrounds all networks in the context of the urban water cycle, being able to analyze parameters of water management, energy consumption, meteorology, consumption behavior of the DMAs and determines their sustainability. Water Wise System® is the first and only solution that supports water utilities, in addition to reducing non-revenue water, in order to be better prepared for climate change and carbon neutrality.
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