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Fundado em 1993

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Our Mission “We innovate for the success of our customers” Our Vision “Being an international reference in multiplying the success of our customers through innovative services” Our Values Customer comes first Teamwork Innovation and pro-activity Accountability Agility Integrity Respect Happiness Humility
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Produtos e serviços:

We propose business lines ranging from an innovative conceptualization of a solution to its implementation through project management. Our successful business career is the result of the experience gained since 1993 in different business sectors such as government, industry, manufacturing, retail, food, health, energy, banking and telecommunications. The leadership achieved by KRUGER is explained by the versatility of their implemented projects, the ability of our team of over 200 professionals and the strategic alliances with world-class business partners. KRUGER is a specialist in innovation projects that seeks to add value to your business through improving its efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive position and market share. In KRUGER, we believe that every problem in life can be solved in a creative way and our passion is to find it . Therefore, we develop technological innovation projects that incorporate Consulting, Integration, Process Improvement, Channels, Solutions and Services factory. , Our services The key for businesses success: To generate ideas and innovation! Rethink your company! PMO Project Management Office Our tailored PMO services allow you to keep track of your projects in any field (engineering, technology, construction, procurement of items, etc...) from start to finish, in order to ensure the desired results with a PMI methodology. All our services and projects are managed from a PMO (Project Management Office) in which we have certified PMP’s consultants. The accumulated experience of years and tens of managed projects allows us to provide this service to our customers, following standards of best practices as defined in the Project Management Institute. Consultancy We design and optimize innovative business models with solid structures and reliable technology aligned with the strategies and processes of your company to maximize its value. The vision of our services is framed by a concept of enterprise architecture, which allows our customers to have a coherent, efficient and flexible technology infrastructure, through which they can successfully address future business projects based on information solutions that do not generate ruptures within their assets, operating costs or the weathering of the solutions. To do this we offer support to companies in the definition of this architecture through a consulting characterized by extensive experience, knowledge and objectivity. Channels We ensure the interaction of your customers and employees by means of interfaces such as portals, intranets, mobile devices, social networks, digital tv, kiosks, etc. We integrate innovative technologies and unique user experience. Process Optimization and Automation We define, optimize and automate your business processes to guide them to offer your customers added value. KRUGER has developed its own agile methodologies and innovative practices for obtaining disruptive results in the defining and automation of processes. We use BPM solutions from the major global tech providers such as IBM, Oracle, RedHat and Bonita, for which we also use proven implementation methodologies. Solutions We seek and provide the best specialized, comprehensive and integrated solutions for our customers. We have a large network of partners and a knowledge base that help us to provide our customers not just with the best solutions for its needs but also with solutions that fit in the innovative concept proposed by KRUGER. Integration Part of achieving process efficiency and flexibility comes from having internal IT software assets that maintain a clear and manageable interoperability. For this to be accomplished, the integration between them is necessary, which is usually achieved through the implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the use of tools such as ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). For these services, KRUGER has extensive experience and a specialist staff certified with the major IT manufacturers such as IBM, Oracle and Red Hat. KRUGER services are not limited to just the integration of systems or databases. Within this vision, we also include devices, sensors, and other types of items that can be interconnected in real time, to have nontraditional information, providing greater confidence in decision making and corporate use of the Internet of Things concept. We have developed such projects and used specific standards for each of the following business sectors: Financial, Retail, Petroleum, Telecommunication, Agricultural and Health. Services Factory Many automation processes require the construction of parts of systems, which, according to the vision of KRUGER, must fit within a coherent architecture and therefore focused to be consumed as services. To do this we cover the entire project cycle development: analysis, development, testing and the production of solutions tailored to the needs of our customers using agile methodologies and our staff of engineers with high level of technical expertise and certified in Java, .Net, Android, Python, Ruby, and other languages.

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