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SMExport Week

SMExport Week

18 Marzo 2024 al 22 Marzo 2024
Modalidad: Virtual

El evento ha finalizado

Free training series tailored to enhance your expertise in international trade, allowing you to uncover opportunities in the global market.

March 18th Launching into the World: The Internationalization Plan Embark on a journey to new business horizons! In this session, we'll explore key strategies to develop a robust internationalization plan. From identifying opportunities to overcoming challenges, you'll discover how to take your business onto the global stage with confidence and success.

March 19th Navigating Oceans of Opportunities: Market Analysis Dive into the fascinating world of international market analysis. Learn to identify niches, understand demands, and adapt your business approach to diverse cultural contexts. Discover how to turn global diversity into a strategic advantage for your business!

March 20th Formulating my export price: Incoterms rules Learn to negotiate with security and clarity in this session dedicated to Incoterms Rules. From the delivery of goods to the distribution of responsibilities, we'll unravel the mystery of international trade terms. Master the art of international negotiations and make your agreements unstoppable!

March 21st Sell beyond physical borders: The power of e-commerce for SMEsLearn how to plan, implement, and manage an online sales strategy, including category analysis, pricing strategy, optimizing your online presence, managing online transactions, and handling logistics and delivery

March 22nd Trade shows and business rounds: How to optimize my participation?Learn how you can strategically harness international fairs to expand your company´s export opportunities! How to conquer new clients, negotiate with them, highlight your brand during the fair, among other tips that will propel your business to new heights on the international stage. Unlock fresh opportunities and position your company with confidence for global success!

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