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FIMI Valencia

FIMI Valencia

27 Junio 2024 al 28 Junio 2024
Modalidad: Presencial
Valencia, Spain

El evento ha finalizado

The FIMI (Feria Internacional de Moda Infantil) is an international trade fair for children's fashion, held twice a year at the renowned Feria de Valencia exhibition center. Founded in 1917, the exhibition center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Valencia, one of Spain's largest cities, has a long tradition in the textile and fashion industry, making it an ideal location for this event. FIMI Spring/Summer and FIMI Fall/Winter provide industry professionals with the opportunity to discover the latest trends in children's fashion.

The origins of FIMI date back to 1967, and it is organized by the Feria Valencia. The fair showcases a wide range of products and services from the children's fashion industry, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, and toys. Some highlights of the fair include exclusive fashion shows where renowned brands present their latest collections, as well as opportunities for networking and exchanging information about future industry trends. In summary, the biannual FIMI in Feria de Valencia offers industry professionals a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and innovations in the children's fashion industry.

The FIMI will take place on 2 days from Thursday, 27. June to Friday, 28. June 2024 in Valencia.

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