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Every living being has the right to his living space Every human being has the duty to respect ENERGY, CONSTRUCTION SERVICES The houses can be Classic, Urban, Rustic, Modern, Traditional or Design. And more and more often are also INNOVATIVE. With path of Innovative Ideas Doctor Green wants to break new ground in the truest sense of the word. Conceived as an independent path, our path of Innovative Ideas broaden and deepen the range of new technologies and living intelligently. Whether it's smart building, energy efficiency, home multi generational processes of rainwater harvesting, desalination treatments, processes waste or smart security, all will be increasingly directed Innovation. How will the home of the future and how they will be plants of the future, just win our obstinacy of habit. ENVIRONMENT and ENERGY are two key elements of more sustainable development of our society and have many points in common: WINNING THE DESERTS.
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Productos y servicios:

steel building, wood building, Beam Glass Tensegrity, Pirolysi

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Principales clientes:

Companies, paper mills, architects, engineers




TSEM, Nerges Hus, Stalart Zo.
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