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Established in 2008

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Mission Through novel, customised and informed approaches, we deliver workable communications and business development solutions to build resilience and optimise social, economic and cultural empowerment and development of individuals, communities and groups while providing efficient returns for clients and fulfilling the development mandate of donor partners. Vision To become the provider of choice for consulting and advisory services when social development and mainstream commercial needs converge and revolutionise how these services are delivered. Corporate Overview West Communications and Business Support Solutions (WCBSS) is a woman-owned and operated micro enterprise in the global social development sector. Our focus is on issues of national and international development. Hence, WCBSS prides itself in its unique blend of training and expertise in social, commercial and development matters. At WCBSS we are zealous about what we do. Clients have direct access to decision maker for speedier implementation. Our size, speedy response to market, our commitment to continuous improvement with the assurance of reasonable returns on our Client’s investments as well as our expertise in social, commercial and development matters across several industries and sub-sectors gives us our competitive edge. We are rejuvenated with the confidence exuded by these combined experience and credentials. WCBSS provides professional services in development communications, project visibility, public relations, monitoring and evaluation, research and event planning as well as grant writing with a successful history of serving a range of international, Government and civil society organisations. With diverse industry experience and understanding of cross-cutting issues in agriculture, climate change, education, energy, environmental management, gender mainstreaming, social justice and rural development plus sanitation as well as gender mainstreaming, WCBSS has steadily grown and demonstrated its expertise using novel approaches, bravely entering unplanned markets and networking with other trained professionals to meet the needs of its clients. WCBSS offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your communications, in addition to project development and management as well as business development needs. We remain at the cutting edge of development. Through our strategic alliances, we stand ready to provide the solution that is just right for our clients over the short or long term; small or large. Business Objectives In fulfilling our mission, the following result areas expose our core mandate: 1. To formulate and implement programmes aligned to the standards for national and international growth 100% of the time 2. To utilise participatory planning strategies in beneficiary delivery 90% of time 3. To seek out clients that are dynamic and reputable 4. Delivering beyond the ordinary in an organised, professional, progressive and efficient manner with continuous improvement at the forefront 85% of time 5. To increase the business on the basis of fair play, equity and ethics 95% of time making it globally competitive Strengths 1. Multi-sectoral expertise in social, commercial and development matters and cross cutting issues (social justice, security, gender mainstreaming, sustainable land use, agricultural development, environmental management, livelihoods) 2. Speedy response to market 3. Multi-functional and flexible (combined services, providing affordable “one-stop shop”; large or small, long-term or short-term initiatives 4. Large network of regional and international media 5. Committed and experienced chief strategist 6. International frameworks for project/programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation Achievements For almost six years, West Communications and Business Support Solutions has steadily increased turn-over from own resources. Our focus is on quality and success is measured by the impact on the few lives we've touched. 1. Championing the cause for the sustainability of CBOs and NGOs through social enterprise development
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St. Thomas Co-operative Credit Union, Jamaica Pig Farmers' Association, Dispute Resolution Foundation

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