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100 employees
Established in 1958

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Salada Foods Jamaica Limited has been in the coffee processing business since 1958. We are the largest of four coffee processing plants in Jamaica, and the only soluble coffee processing plant in the Caribbean. A wholly owned Jamaican company, Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. (SALF) is listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, since 1969. With a total of over 100 years of expertise, Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. caters to the wide ranging tastes of all coffee lovers, and supplies a full complement of Jamaican coffee in roasted and ground, roasted whole beans and soluble coffee (instants). The secret of course, is Jamaica's perfect climate. Jamaica's mountainous terrain is ideal for coffee which grows best at altitudes ranging from 1,500 feet up to around 5,000 feet. Premium Blue Mountain Coffee grows at the higher levels within a 10-mile radius of the 7,402 foot Blue Mountain Peak. There, high in the misty Blue Mountains gentle rainfall and rich, fertile, well-drained soil combine to produce a coffee that is universally acclaimed. As a result of this painstaking process it is possible for you to enjoy the finest cup of coffee in the world. In addition to coffee, Salada produces a range of other beverages. The diverse range of premium products offered by Salada, meets consumer expectations and distributors are assured of advertising, promotional and marketing support, tailored to meet the needs and characteristics of their market. Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. enjoys a reputation for superior quality products in export markets throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe, as well as in Near and Far Eastern countries. The company maintains an intensive quality assurance operation, and is committed to an ongoing program of research and development. The Company welcomes exclusive private label arrangements, in addition to the regular distribution of its branded products overseas.

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Supermarkets, retailers, hotels/restaurants


GMP certified/HACCP implementation processing



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