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PWC, Pure Water Corporation

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Established in 1993

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PWC, Pure Water Corporation (PWC) is a wholly owned private Canadian company and has been in business since 1993, providing Water & Wastewater Filtration, Disinfection, Treatment and Reuse Equipment. Our company strength is our global network of business associates, professionals, equipment and technology providers in Water & Wastewater Treatment, Renewable Clean Energy and Sustainable Development. Our large network of manufacturing companies and professionals is well established, reliable, extensive and international. We provide quality equipment and service worldwide for Consumers, Corporations and Municipalities. We deliver a full range of water filtration, treatment, disinfection products and services from domestic consumer products to large scale infrastructure plants. We also provide sewage and wastewater treatment plants, solid waste reuse/recycle equipment and technologies, alternative/renewable energy, water storage tanks, well water and geothermal drilling equipment, sustainable development housing and multi-level commercial/residential buildings, and more... We are working hard at integrating resource business (oil/gas, mining) with water/renewable energy business to support sustainable economic growth, Globally. Please visit and (Note: WaterCorp website is currently under reconstruction to e-commerce structure) For references or information on specific types of applications we have addressed, please contact William Danshin, President, PWC, Pure Water Corporation – Ph: 1-360-450-3659/Skype: live:wdanshin_1 Here is a brief summary of the products we currently provide: WATER TREATMENT • HYDRO-AUTOMATIC GRAVITY Filtration Plants - up to 100 million GPD • DEFERUM High Iron Removal Plants - up to 100 million GPD Flows, (remove up to 75 ppm Iron) (PLEASE See Video - • AKV Aerators/Degasifiers - remove any gas from any liquid - to 3000 GPM (Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Radon Gas, etc.) • Reverse Osmosis Systems - to 5000 gpm • Packaged Land & Marine Based Sea Water RO Systems - to 360,000 GPD • VPMF - Variable Pore Membrane Filtration Systems for Water & Wastewater • Arsenic, Turbidity, Fluoride, Iron & Manganese Removal Systems - to 9000 GPM • Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems - up to 22,000 GPM • Dissolved Air Floatation -DAF Treatment Systems • Fresh Water Lake/Reservoir Treatment Systems • Algae Control & Treatment • Cartridge, Media, Reverse Osmosis, Distillation Residential/Commercial Systems • Portable Water Filters • Water Coolers • Bottle Water and Plant Equipment • Bottle Water Vending Systems • Turn-key Water Store Equipment • Water Reservoirs • Poly/Fiberglass Storage Tanks SEWAGE & WASTEWATER TREATMENT • Algae Control • Activated Sludge/Extended Aeration Systems • Bio-Reactor Systems • Oil/Water Separator Systems • Heavy Metal Treatment Systems • Solids/Liquid Separation Systems (mobile) • Sludge Dewatering Systems • Centrifuge Solids Separation Systems • ABS Biological Sewer Odour & Corrosion Prevention Technology • Food & Animal Waste Treatment/Recycling Systems • BYES2 – Waste water treatment technology for reuse/recycling in textiles, tanneries, animal rendering industries. • WASTE SLUDGE TREATMENT technologies for reuse/recycle for making raw materials and energy DISINFECTION • Gas Chlorinators and Related Equipment • Ultra Violet Systems - Closed Chamber & Open Channel • Ozone Treatment Systems • Chlorine Dioxide, Calcium Chloride, Electro-chlorination Systems PUMPS • LMI Chemical Metering Pumps and Accessories • Walchem Chemical Metering Pumps and Accessories • Sea Metrics Flow Monitoring Equipment and Accessories • Booster Pumps • Solar Powered Pumps RENEWABLE ENERGY • Alternative Energy Systems – Solar, Wind, Micro-Hydro • Landfill Waste-to-Energy Equipment and Technology – 0.5 to 100 MW Plants • Magnetic Energy Systems – 5 kw to 50 MW+ units (automobiles, homes, commercial, community) • Zero-Power, Self-Generating Wind Power Generators – minimum 2.8 MW Projects • ZPower – New Solar Energy Technology – 1 MW + • Non-Petroleum Industry – Combustable and Bio Fuel Engines/Energy Systems OTHER • Portable Well Drills and Accessories • Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals & Medias • Water Testing Equipment and Materials • Air-to-Water Maker Equipment/Technologies. • Greenhouse Turn-key Structures c/w Renewable Energy & Water Supply and Reuse Equipment/Technologies • Rain Water Collection Systems • Solid & Liquid Waste Treatment/Reuse Systems CONSTRUCTION • GigaCrete Package Homes and Buildings c/w pure water, wastewater reuse and renewable energy • Multi-Level Commercial/Residential Buildings – Green Building Techniques • Sustainable Developments – Package Homes and Related Infrastructure
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Australia, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, India, Brazil

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