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Lean App S.A. de C.V. is a software company from Irapuato, Guanajuato, México. The Irapuato-based IoT company provides Industry 4.0 solutions for digitalization, analytics, and decision-making in the manufacturing industry. We have developed MonitorApp®, the first IoT/Industry4.0 platform that provides cost-efficient data acquisition hardware and process analytics software for manufacturers to increase output and achieve perfect performance. We believe Industry 4.0’s maturation over the next two decades will first require basic digitization. Later, that digitization could translate into predictive maintenance and true predictive intelligence, MonitorApp® is a pioneer solution in this field in México and Latin América. MonitorApp® is also the first platform to successfully integrate, read and translate third party sensors into real time production KPI's. This "Open Architecture" approach is a very important milestone for reaching the smart plant of the future that Industry 4.0 describes as the next revolution in manufacturing. Monitor®, is fueling industrial digitalization in small, medium and large manufacturing companies in México. MonitorApp®'s innovative solution is design for the small manufacturing companies which sum up to almost 95% of the manufacturing industry in México and it also works with big companies. MonitorApp®’s interactive tools are designed with two principles in mind. Non-invasive integration and minimalistic yet interactive user-experience centered approach. Be believe data-driven manufacturing is the next big thing in the manufacturing industry. MonitorApp® technology works with 90% of the manufacturing processes and there is no need to connect to the machine’s PLC to extract data. The platform is hosted in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS) therefore it is accessible through any device connected to the Internet. Integration and sensor calibration usually requires less than a day for every 10 machines. MonitorApp® supports accelerometer, voltage meters, temperature, humidity and light sensors and Monitor’s DAC technology (Algorithm) translates all the sensor’s data into real time actionable KPI’s. Data is the new gold. But our approach is not just about data. The most important thing for us lies in the interaction between human beings, software and machines. It is this interaction between the physical and digital world the key to transform our client’s organizations for the better. MonitorApp® is a pioneer augmented productivity platform for the manufacturing Industry. We promote industrial digitalization as a tool for organizational transformation. We translate data into insights and action for manufacturers.
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Mexico, USA, Spain

Main customers:

Walor, Prettl Electronics, Aguila Ammunition, La proxima estación


AWS Shared responsibility model, Marca Guanajuato, ISV Partner program

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Monitor App® - Deck resumido.pdf
eBook MonitorApp Digital Transformation Journey.pdf
SIM-MX-04- - Monitor App® - Non-Invasive & user friendly digitalization tools for manufacturing (Corporate)-5.pdf
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