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Stab Vida

Stab Vida

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Fundado em 2001

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Our mission is to be “your easy genetics laboratory”. Whether you are in Lisbon, Porto, Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Cordoba, etc, we want to establish with you (a patient, a doctor, a scientist, a veterinary professional or a student) a bridge very easy to cross where your samples, data and information may flow supported by solid laboratories and staff from STAB VIDA to provide you with the results you need. If the last few decades were characterized by the emergence of information and telecommunication technologies, the 21st century will be remarked by the advances in gene technology. The growth of gene technology is creating platforms for new products and markets. The genetic testing market utilises genomic sequences for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other genetic characteristics. Its high business potential has prompted governments to consider research in genomics and proteomics a strategic priority. This is the challenging environment where STAB VIDA operates and intends to enhance its performance by exploring new opportunities. In a more broader sense, our mission consists of harnessing innovation and adopting new technologies in biotechnology through research and development, technology transfer, and proper commercialization of products and services in the global market.
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ISO 9001:2008
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