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SEG Ingenieria

SEG Ingenieria

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Fundado em 1996

Descrição da empresa

SEG Ingeniería is the first energy cost-reduction consultancy firm in the country. As leader in the field of energy efficiency and cost optimization in the region since 1996, our company's main purpose is to analyze, plan, consult and implement systems aimed at a better use of resources. For the same reason, with the commitment of satisfying our customers, SEG Ingeniería´s professional fees with respect to energy efficiency are 100% subject to success, that is to say our services are paid for with a percentage of the savings achieved. In November 2009 SEG Ingeniería launched one of its biggest projects, partnering with EAB New Energy GmbH of Germany to set up wind farms in Uruguay. In July 2010 SEG participated in the tender put out by UTE for 150 MW of wind power with the development of the Peralta GCEE Wind Farm (50 MW) by Aguas Leguas S.A. Eólica de Uruguay, formed by SEG Ingeniería and EAB New Energy GmbH of Germany, is the result of this successful new venture. On August 23, 2011 UTE awarded 192 MW of wind energy of which 100 MW were developed by SEG Ingeniería (Peralta I GCEE, Peralta II GCEE). Early in 2012 UTE awarded a third wind farm developed by SEG Ingeniería (Parque Eólico Cerro Grande).
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