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Quantum ApS

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Fundado em 2001

Descrição da empresa

Quantum is a sales department covering overseas markets for one of Europe's leading dairy producers Rücker GmbH, Germany. Besides marketing products from our own two dairies, we also work closely together with a number of well-established producers of dairy products, spread all over Europe. Thus, we are able to supply carefully selected dairy products for wholesale, food service and the food industry worldwide. Quantum serves as a trustworthy, loyal partner for selected producers of dairy products, and finds that a high level of integrity is of great importance. Quantum initially started and maintained a strong network in the Middle Eastern markets, but later expanded to a number of overseas as well as European markets, and most recently the Asian markets. Having a high level of cultural and religious understanding and respect for the very same enables us to enter into closer partnerships with both suppliers, producers and clients alike. By sharing the same values and integrity as Rücker GmbH, we at Quantum, have gained a strong position as the preferred supplier in very diverse markets
IndustrySetor / Indústria

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Alemanha, Dinamarca

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Producers, Importers


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