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PhDsoft Technology Inc

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Estados Unidos
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Fundado em 2015

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PhDsoft Technology is the market leader in digital transformation for asset structural integrity of the operational process. PhDsoft provides a comprehensive, agnostic, and scalable Predictive Digital Twin that ingest data from human inspections, sensors, and robot to integrate real time condition of an asset to be visualized on the 3D model, evaluate risks and prescribe repairs. PhDC4D® focuses on structures, piping, static equipment, infrastructure, floating and subsea assets, onshore and offshore providing crystal clear awareness of the aging process and associated risks over time. (e.g., Offshore oil & LNG platforms, vessels & tankers, bridges & tunnels & building, offshore and onshore wind turbines, etc.) PhDC4D® 4-Dimension visualization software applies a smooth digital transformation of the inspection, risk evaluation and maintenance process using predictive digital twin, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. Consequently, reducing maintenance costs, and minimizing risks and unplanned downtime, optimizing production while supporting business continuity. PhDC4D® is a proven solution used by major companies and partners such as Shell, Siemens, Modec, Petrobras in over 100 assets. PhDsoft creates a Digital Twin of the client’s asset and automates and digitalizes the operational and maintenance systems during the asset life cycle allows all stakeholders to access relevant real time information.
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Shell, Port of Houston, Modec, Siemens & Microsoft (Partners)

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