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Con mas de 30 años de experiencia en la gestión del comercio Internacional, OCR Services Inc. se ha convertido en el proveedor líder de soluciones de software para eficientizar la gestión del Comercio Internacional. Con un fuerte enfoque en la investigación, OCR ha desarrollado los procesos de exportación e importación de las principales compañías del Fortune 500. Nuestros clientes incluye líderes en: • Aeroespacial y Defensa; • Electrónica, Computación y Servicios; • Banca, Seguros y Finanzas; • Farmacéutica; • Petrolera y Química; • Comunidad Legal; • Logistica, Distribución y Transporte; • Gobierno Nuestro equipo de ingenieros domina todos los procesos de la cadena logística y de gestión del comercio internacional, incluyendo la generación de documentos de exportación; importación; clasificación; listas de infractores (Listas negras); control, solicitud y gestión de licencias; soluciones de Ventanilla Única, etc. OCR Services, Inc. brings more than 30 years of extensive experience to the global trade management industry. As the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for International Trade Compliance, we have successfully streamlined the export and import compliance processes of major Fortune 500 companies. With a strong focus on Research and Development, OCR has developed the most efficient and cost-effective software solutions in the industry. Our clients include leaders in: • Aerospace and Defense; • Electronics, Computer Hardware, and Services; • Banking, Insurance, and Finance; • Pharmaceutical; • Chemical and Petroleum; • Governments; • Legal Community; • Freight Forwarding, Distribution. Our highly experienced and diverse team of engineers has incomparable knowledge and experience in all processes and aspects of Global Trade Management; including Export Documentation, Import Management, Watch List Screening, Denied Party Screening, Import and Export Licensing, Single Window Trade Solutions, and Trade Agreements.
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EASE™ Watch List Screening: helps protect your company’s reputation, mitigate risk and avoid government imposed penalties. With one central solution, your screening processes can access the most current and trusted watch list database in the world; a collection of watch/denied party lists of International Governments, major sanctioning bodies, law enforcement agencies and financial regulators worldwide. It enlists parties and entities whose privileges have been restricted/denied/temporarily suspended, provides access to global sanctions, enforcement lists, extensive PEP coverage, profiled adverse media and SWIFT/ BIC information. EASE™ Export Operations: efficient tool to assist in the management and compliance of all export processes and generation of required documentation. It applies industrial strength and standards, regulatory logic and data to improve compliance and conformity. The solution is an ensemble of Order creation, consolidation, compliance screening/ validation checks, customs filling, document generation and dissemination across the lifecycle of the export of any product/commodity/item. The solutions’ intuitive graphical interface eases the production of documentation required to comply with national and International regulatory laws and Customs. EASE™ Import Operations: solution that meets business/operational, compliance, regulatory, reporting and monitoring requirements. It allows managers, reviewers and workforce to simultaneously perform their duties and be tuned with the entire import process without the actual need of interacting outside the system. This solution streamlines the process of customs clearance, letting you focus on profit and growth – not process. This application helps your company satisfy all relevant import regulations and compliance needs of the different Customs Authorities globally. EASE™ U.S. Department of State Licensing: The Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Control requires electronic submission of export license authorizations for export items on the Munitions List, through the D-Trade Export Licensing System. An electronic submission has the legal force and effect of a written submission under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (‘ITAR’). EASE™ U.S. Department of State Licensing solution helps avoid the inevitable frustration of electronic submissions and simultaneously makes provision for management oversight and compliance during the entire duration of the license submission life cycle. The solution enables organizations to manage licenses, correspondence, amendments, agreements, commodity jurisdictions applications and office security review. EASE™ U.S. Department of Commerce Licensing: Enables corporations to implement a uniform and consistent corporate wide application and internal review policy of their export license applications submitted to the U.S. Department of Commerce using the Simplified Network Application Process – Redesign (SNAP-R) System, for the intended export of an item on the Commerce Control List (‘CCL’). It increases user efficiency by streamlining the application review process and improves the reporting and auditing functions. EASE™ License Screening: The movement of controlled goods in any manner, be it, exports, transshipment, re-export, transit, brokering or intangible technology transfer is subject to regulation. EASE™ License Screening solution accelerates the process of determining export license or permit requirements for classified products being exported from numerous points of origin to destination countries across the world. This solution allows companies to determine export classification for U.S., U.K., Canada, E.U., Australia, Singapore and 40 different countries that use that classification to determine whether the controlled item requires a license or permit, report filling, exemption or exception, from the concerned local authorities. Further the user also has access to the Verified End User exemption lists currently being used in India and China. EASE™ License Management: Subsequent to attaining a license, it is essential for every organization to track the license activity and conditions. EASETM License Management allows to create license folders, associate them with products, relevant parties, ordered quantity and value. At the time of shipment the solution allows you to update the license details with the actual shipped quantities and values so the running balances can automatically be decremented. The solution sends out automated alerts/warning for when licenses are approaching there expiration and when the committed values reach configurable thresholds, keeping the organization informed and prepared at all times. EASE™ Commodity Classification: Gives corporations access to a global strategy for product classification, customs, control jurisdiction determination and tariffs calculation. It isall done through a simplified request process allowing you to strengthen your internal processes and conduct comprehensive product reviews. It is imperative for every party involved to check whether their products are properly classified. Correct product classification is a corner stone of compliance in any trade practice. The global market is flooding with specialized products, which makes classification complicated and tedious. Exporters as well as importers and logistic operators need a reliable solution that prevents them from over paying duties and penalties for incorrect classification. EASE™ DSEA: Assists end-to–end export operation of technical data and service, beginning with data services export authorization requests, allowing management overview moving onto export of the technical data and finally recordkeeping/ tracking capability of each export. It is a single solution capable for meeting operational, compliance, regulatory and monitoring requirements. Provides simultaneous visibility of data to all stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of the export of the technical data and service. The solution helps control the flow of technical data, prevent defence services export violations and reduce enforcement risks in the context of offshore procurement and technical assistance. Compliance Tracking: Organizations strive to be compliant with applicable government rules/regulations and procedure. EASE™ Compliance Tracking solution allows organizations to identify and assess incidents along the length of the export or import activity, actively track and report such incidents, minimize their effects, refrain from repetition and document/ record the corrective action required /resolution promulgated. This solution allows users such as legal personnel or compliance officers to track adverse findings from internal or external audits, makes necessary and voluntary disclosures and helps assign responsibilities to personnel to take corrective actions and their completion dates. This solution also comes with enhanced security and configurable user privileges. Compliance Request: Helps implement an enterprise wise standard authorization request process for exports/imports/agreements and employee travel. It also allows organizations to manage, track and monitor various types of requests based on standard operating procedures. It streamlines the request process through a web based portal, providing an interface for the business community and its users to collaborate with compliance officers. In addition it acts as a centralized tool that allows management oversight across key business areas. The compliance request forms are a powerful and effective mechanism for upfront data capturing, instilled with a capability of importing information to improve organizational efficiency and expedite the authorization request process. EASE™ Free Trade Zones: Allows manufactures, individuals and any size importer or exporters to take advantage of sizeable cost savings when utilizing a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) alternatively referred to as Foreign Trade Zone, Export Processing Zones or Special Economic Zone. The solution empowers an organization to determine the reduction of costs from customs duties, taxes and tariffs and consequently allows the company to improve its global competitiveness and minimize bureaucratic regulations. EASE™ Free Trade Agreement: With multiple vendors, endless requests from customers for the certificates of origin and affidavits and ever changing filling and document requirements the EASETM Free Trade Agreement helps provide oversight over the smallest errors and prevents the organization from being victim to costly penalties and increased duties. The solution knows the best free trade program to apply to your products before you ship them, helping you to maximize duty savings and improve cash flows. EASE™ Visitor Management: Offers companies the latest in secure visitor supervision and control. It also gives access to a number of key processes necessary to manage and oversee onsite visitors to company facilities or hosted events. The process allows for Export Compliance and Facility Security Officers, amongst others, to ensure a complete review of the onsite visitor requests, ensuring security clearance, recordkeeping and compliance with applicable Government Regulations. EASE™ Biometrics: Offers an optimal solution to manage your organization mounting needs of security and identity verification/authentication. It also offers an array of customizable contactless, non- intrusive and tamper–proof techniques for authentication, identity provisioning and access management, that ensure an unprecedented and enhanced physical security. The solution provides more than just access and authentication; it enables identification and continuous tracking of an individual’s actions. This traceability provides visibility of events and an enhanced ability to enforce workflows. It also provides expedited access and replaces time consuming password management systems and ultimately reduces cost, time, increases regulatory compliance, protects intellectual property, human resources and organizational assets, improves manufacturing productivity, safety and excessively reduces administrative costs. Duty Drawbacks: Allows recovery of duty over-payments and increased customs compliance. Paying less duty lowers the market cost of your product and boosts your competitiveness. EASE™ Online Regulations: It is the easiest way to keep your regulatory knowledge complete and up to date. The online regulations offer unparalleled flexibility while being fully scalable across your enterprise. Advanced automated search capabilities across multiple information repositories ensures that the precise compliance information/requirements are known and easily accessible by Users on their fingertips. , Global EASETM Product Suite: Watch List Screening License Screening License Management Export Operations Import Operations Commodity Classification Visitor Management

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Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Holanda, Austrália, Índia, Brasil, Emirados Árabes Unidos

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Major customers include national governments, multinationals and Fortune 500 companies around the globe


OCR Services Inc. is a U.S. certified company for Exports and Imports

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