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New Business International Trading - Brazil

New Business International Trading - Brazil

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TRADING | BROKERAGE Identify and develop new suppliers and customers to the Brazilian Market, acting as final Seller/ Buyer or Intermediate/Facilitator for several sectors. INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Identify and determine the best shipping costs and insurance for the goods to be imported or exported; Coordinate the execution of the transport as the project schedule and product availability. CUSTOMS CLEARANCE Prepare all necessary documents and follow up steps of the import and export of goods and services included in the project. Including special customs regimes, the relevant legislation applying to each modality. COLLECTION AND STORAGE ABROAD Hiring companies responsible to receive, identify, accommodate, feed stock, taking orders, label, pack, weigh, sort and deliver the goods for collection. QUALITY ANALYSIS Contraction of companies responsible for the technical analysis of your company products according to drawings and specification prior to shipment abroad. DISTRIBUTION Employees eligible for the itinerary that allows for management and optimize the delivery of goods more quickly.
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WOOD: Pine logs, Eucalyptus Logs, Teak logs, Lumber, Plywood. COMMODITIES: Soybean, Soybean Meal, Corn.
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