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Fundado em 2008

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MALAKITA Handbags and leather goods. Quality design in handmade leather from Uruguay to the world. Searching for Independence, and the pleasure of handcrafting quality products, with a smart design, is what moves us. MALAKITA is a a young company founded by designer Irene Casas in 2008. After a few years experience in a Textile Trading Co as a worker in the design department, and deeply knowing that only developing her own products would put her in the path to personal fulfillment. The will to be independent and having the freedom to express yourself through the offer of high quality, clever designed products from us to reach out to someone who values so much love, dedication and attention to every little detail. So far it´s been focused on our local market, by having a tiny design store in our hometown Montevideo, Uruguay. Also by offering our products through 2 Non profit Organizations that promote quality handcrafts (Hecho Aca and Manos del Uruguay). In the past few months we have been working very hard in our online store to learn, share and offer our products to the world. This has changed both our focus and the way we show and sell our products. It´s been a lot of work, but so far a very rewarding one. With just a few sales in the USA, Canada, Europe, Autralia and NZ, feedback has been amazing and the experience thrilling. We look forward for so much more and hope you share the passion with us. We design, produce, market, sell and give service to each and every one of our pieces, in a country whose main product is leather from tanneries with strict environmental policies; providing leather from animals bred in free-range farms as a by-product of the meat industry. .
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Manos del Uruguay, HechoAca


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