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Immerse Bahamas Co. Ltd.

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Fundado em 2014

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Immerse Bahamas, a destination and project management company, was launched with a vision to create entrepreneurs, and to develop empowering opportunities for Bahamians. We understand the challenges and opportunities that exist for businesses in The Bahamas. This, coupled with the extensive relationships established, and the vast level of experience and commitment to excellence, makes Immerse Bahamas the ideal partner to realize shared aspirations. Immerse Bahamas Co. Ltd. can boast of clients and partnerships with The Government of The Bahamas, The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Sister Cities International, People to People International, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT Hubei), Freeport Harbour Company, Freeport Container Port, Grand Bahama Airport Company, Bahamas National Festival Commission, Aliv, The Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board, and Celebration Cruise Line to name a few. Immerse Bahamas is also the publisher of Immerse Magazine, a periodical that captures the heart and soul of The Bahamas. It is a compilation of all things Bahamian; the people, the culture, the communities and the experiences. Immerse Bahamas has spearheaded and organized events such as the 2015 and 2016 Grand Bahama Kick-Off of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, 2015 Investment and Trade Mission; Hubei China to The Bahamas, 2014 Memories Grand Opening, and 2016 Aliv Launch. Immerse Bahamas' philanthropic arm, 700 Partners Non-Profit Organization involves a coming together of local and global organizations in the spirit of culture immersion, giving back to the community, and helping others. Since 2014, Immerse Bahamas and 700 Partners has partnered with Sister Cities International to form sister city relationships with islands of The Bahamas and US cities. Immerse Bahamas has also partnered with People to People International and a Grand Bahama Chapter of People to People International was established. Immerse Bahamas is also a member of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festival and Folk Arts (CIOFF), and represents The Bahamas, in this regard. Immerse Bahamas is currently located in the downtown area of Freeport, Grand Bahama. The office serves multiple purposes, one being a shared space location. The City of Freeport was developed by a company called The Grand Bahama Port Authority, and because of this they were granted the right to control business licensing within the city. One of their business license requirements states that in order to obtain a business license the licensee must have a physical location at which to register their business. This physical location cannot be a residence, and that’s where Immerse Bahamas comes in. Many individuals have businesses that do not require a physical location, but need to operate legally and receive the perks of being a registered business. For a small fee, Immerse Bahamas offers a shared physical location, equipped with a meeting room and receptionist services. The goal of Immerse Bahamas is to bring the world to The Bahamas and take The Bahamas to the world. We aim to do this by marketing The Bahamas in a way that is an authentic representation of Bahamian culture.
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Principais clientes:

Bahamas National Festival Commission, Freeport Harbour Company, Freeport Container Port, Grand Bahama International Airport, Aliv, China Council for Promotion of International Trade, Investment Facilitating and Financing, Grand Bahama Port Authority


Bahamas and Caribbean Representative of Sister Cities International, Member of International Council of Organizations if Folklore Festival and Folk Arts, Bahamas Representative of People to People International


Bahamas Hotel Tourism Association, Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board, Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce

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