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Green Matters Ec - Organic guayusa and amazon products

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Fundado em 2016

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GREEN MATTERS EC (GME) is a social and fair trade company based in Ecuador. GME offers the best organic guayusa in the world. Our ilex guayusa or guayusa is considered a superfood or super Amazon leaf, that works perfectly as a coffee replacement because it is naturally composed of a high index of caffeine, amino acids and contains twice as many antioxidants as green tea. It is harvested by hand (wildcrafted) by different communities located around the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. The guayusa can be consumed by people with health problems or people with intolerance to coffee. The company also works with small producers from different parts of Ecuador, we process fruits, flowers, herbs, and moringa to give a unique touch of flavor to our infusions, tea bags, mate, and organic energy drinks. Our main goal is to provide a better lifestyle for all families involved in the production process of guayusa and other potential products; creating opportunities for them with a reliable source of income from our global exports and the sale of different value-added and unprocessed products. GME is also environmentally and socially responsible! You can visit our websites: and to learn more about the foundation and projects with the community. Green Matters pays fair prices to producers, is distributed among 38 communities around the Amazon jungle in Ecuador and we work under the rules of Fair Trade Federation practices. For us, social responsibility is imperative. Our company is dedicated to the production and exportation of guayusa in different presentations, cuts, and fermentations, being the best in quality and market price. Green Matters EC has a processing plant, where we produce about 10 MT monthly, of finished dry product. We have a laboratory in the Netherlands where we create drink formulations under all the organic certification parameters. You can read more about
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Holanda, Rússia, Alemanha, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, China, Bélgica

Principais clientes:

wholesalers, Supermercados, tiendas, importadores, bebidas, snacks, organic food, organic beverages



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