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Fundado em 2015

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With Bankingly, we want to bring world-class e-channels to EVERY financial institution. Bankingly allows financial institutions to provide their clients with a world-class electronic service, with the agility and the security currently demanded, all for a variable and reasonable cost. Bankingly is a SAAS and omnichannel platform. We believe we can bring a great product to a segment of the market that hasn't been able to afford it until now. We have been serving medium to large Banks through Infocorp for 20 years, and more than 1 million people use our product every month. We have a proven team, a proven product, and the entrepreneurial spirit to found a brand new company and start over with this new business model.
IndustrySetor / Indústria

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Produtos e serviços:

Robust platform. 2.0 design focused on user experience. Onmichannel. Top of the class. Easy to personalize to your requirements. Multiple languages, currencies and browsers.

Escritórios em:

Uruguai, Colômbia, República Dominicana, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile

Principais clientes:

Small and medium banks, Credit Unions


Microsoft Azure
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