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April 18, 2023 to April 20, 2023
Format: In person
Curitiba, Brasil

The event has finished

If the slogan of the APRAS fair and obedience is “Content, experience and good business,” there is nothing like a name and a logo representing all of this. Thinking about modernizing and adopting a visual identity that carries the essence of the event, APRAS promoted a major change for the 2023 fair, which will be called ExpoApras! The name Mercosuper was chosen many years ago to take advantage of the image and strength of Mercosur. Still, the board of Associação Paranaense de Supermercados preferred to change the strategy and take advantage of the strength of Apras. Now, the nomenclature of the event carries the name of the institution and reinforces the entity's commitment to offering content, experience, and good deals to supermarkets in Paraná. And to symbolize this whole new concept, the fair's logo gained a more modern and meaningful air. The graphic element is formed from the letter P, representing a speech bubble, conveying the concept of communication and the connection with the public and the market. The cores resulting from the intersection symbolize the different types of the public at the fair, which supported their ideas and new opportunities, further strengthening retail.

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