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(Español) O2LAC Plenary Session VII: Discovering the Next Generation of Innovators: A Look at Venture Capital Priorities in Latin America and the Caribbean

This panel will discuss the current state of venture capital in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as its priorities for supporting the next generation of innovators. Venture capital and investment experts will discuss the region’s current investment climate and the types of innovative ideas and startups that are attracting interest. They will also talk about the challenges that entrepreneurs in the region face, such as access to funding and mentorship, and how venture capital can help them overcome these obstacles. Furthermore, the panelists will discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem, including promoting gender, race, and ethnic diversity, and how this can lead to a more vibrant and successful startup culture. 

The panelists will share their experiences and insights on the regional investment landscape, providing valuable insights for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in supporting the next generation of Latin American and Caribbean innovators.


Moderator: Jini Hwang, Digital Communications Advisor & Media Influencer (Argentina)



● Josefa Marzo Pons, Portfolio Director, Kalonia Venture Partners (Spain)

● Jocelyn Cortez-Young, Managing Partner & Founder, Minerva Capital Group (U.S.)

● Christine Chang, Venture Partner, Ralicap Ventures (U.S.)

● David Johnson, Partner, PAG Law (U.S.)

● Matías Barbero, Head of Operations & Partnerships, Mana Tech (U.S.)

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