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(Español) O2LAC Plenary Session VI: The Talent Revolution: Rethinking Development Strategies to Export Services

The need for tech talent that can help businesses transition, expand their hybrid cloud capabilities, and build applications to drive development and separate them from the competition is critical. Currently, in the U.S., there are around 200,000 vacant technology positions that cannot be filled due to a lack of qualified applicants. In 2023, one in every three tech managers will have to look outside of their usual technology provider partners to meet their needs and acquire the skills they need. Latin America faces a similar challenge in reintegrating its workforce into this new world of work. Digital skills that our countries require are being delivered through various public-private initiatives supported by the IDB, intending to prepare and reconvert human capital, connecting the needs of people and companies to enable digital transformation, and developing digital skills in the short term. This requires collaboration with the global services ecosystem and private sector demand, as well as optimal design and updating of digital needs and labor intermediation. For instance, in the case of Uruguay, Finishing Schools have trained over 4,500 people connected to global services. In Chile, the Digital Talent program is expected to train 15,000 workers and 1,000 entrepreneurs.


Moderator: Santiago Pinzón Galán, Executive Director of the Chamber of Digital Industry and Services and VP Digital Transformation, National Business Association of Colombia - ANDI



● Ximena Duque, Executive President, Fedesoft (Colombia)

● Patrick Cohen, Founder & CEO, Caprock Solutions Inc. (U.S. / Jamaica)

● Felipe Cuadra, Co-Founder, (Chile)

● Hon. Dana Morris Dixon, Minister without Portfolio (Skills Development and Digital Transformation), Office of

the Prime Minister (Jamaica)

● Jesus López, CMO/CPO, CodersLink Talent (U.S.)

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