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(Español) O2LAC Plenary Session IV: Fintech Resurgence: Transforming the Landscape with Innovative Business Lines and Strategic Enterprise Partnerships

Fintech is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Fintech startups are navigating challenging terrain, having to adjust their strategies to operate in the current market environment. Many are capitalizing on this opportunity to explore new avenues, offering solutions for enterprises, and broadening their horizons. The session will drill down into the most recent trends in fintech, as well as how technology is helping in the creation of new business lines and opportunities for growth. The session will bring together fintech experts to discuss how innovation is driving change and transformation in the industry and how strategic partnerships with enterprise buyers assist in introducing new solutions. The session will provide attendees with valuable insights into how they can leverage the latest technologies to transform their businesses and create new growth opportunities, focusing on the potential for fintech to drive positive change in the financial sector.


Moderator: Gonzalo Arauz, Investment Management Lead Officer, IDB Invest


● Leandro Elduayen, CEO, Koibanx (Argentina)

● Daniel Martínez, Director of External Affairs, Clip (Mexico)

● Mariame McIntosh Robinson, Managing Director, Qenta (Jamaica / U.S.)

● Sebastián Pertiné, Commercial Director LATAM, Bankingly (Uruguay)

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