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(Español) O2LAC Future Flash II: Beyond Borders: The convergence of Emerging Markets and Opportunities for LAC Startups in the Global Digital Landscape

This enlightening presentation will explore the significance of innovation for Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) businesses aiming to expand their global service exports. With the convergence of emerging markets such as India, Eastern Europe, and LAC, the session will demonstrate how LAC startups can leverage innovation to remain ahead of the competition and fuel global market growth. It will highlight the most recent digital advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, automation, e-commerce, and fintech, as well as how startups in Latin America and the Caribbean can use these technologies to create innovative products and services to meet the changing needs of their customers. The presentation will provide valuable insights into best practices, demonstrating how LAC entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves in a competitive market and succeed in the global digital economy. Prepare to be inspired and educated on the infinite potential of LAC entrepreneurs in the ever-changing digital landscape.




● Avinash Vashistha, Author, and CEO, Tholons (U.S.)

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