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Mexico: The UDP offers credits and guarantees for SMEs in Mexico

The Productive Development Unit is in charge of reviewing, proposing, promoting, designing, coordinating and executing the public policy to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), with a perspective of reducing inequality between people and regions. Its objective is to reactivate the Mexican economy, make it more inclusive, diverse and innovative through stimuli to strategic economic sectors for the domestic and foreign markets.


The UDP operates through two budget programs:


  1. National Entrepreneur Fund
  2. National Program for Financing Microentrepreneurs


Seeks to obtain financing for MSMEs

  1. Loans for micro-businesses with preferential conditions.
  2. Guarantee schemes so that women and young people can access loans with preferential conditions in commercial banks –in alliance with development banks.
  3. Guarantee schemes for SMEs that work in sectors that are strategic for stimulating internal demand and external demand with high national content.



Learn more about financing and business support opportunities on the UDP page

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Secretaría de Economía Gobierno de México


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