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Fundada en 1999

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Software Testing Bureau specializes in software testing and provides security and reliability to the software supporting your projects, helping companies achieve functional, reliable and secure software. Software Testing Bureau develops, documents, automates and executes software tests using state-of-the-art methodologies and tools. Software testing is essential for reducing time-to-market and facilitating digital transformation, which minimizes risks, times and budgets. Software testing automation is an ally to agile development, allowing to foster innovation and competitiveness, further improving user experience. Automated testing helps to minimize human error and inconsistency, maximizing developer and customer peace of mind, resulting in improved security, reliability, and functionality. Software Testing Bureau experience and commitment combines with its flexibility to work off site from its own premises or fully on-site, with independence and with certified processes.
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Oficinas en:

Uruguay, Colombia, México

Principales clientes:

Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay, Telefonica, Scotiabank, Banco de Bogotá


ISO 9001:2015

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