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Pairzon is a leading AI technology solution for retailers which connects the in-store consumer to its online identity enabling retailers to boost sales, retention and customer engagement dramatically. Pairzon is a data driven customer centric solution for personalization and interaction, enabling companies a one-on-one communication approach across channels. Combining in-depth behavioral analytics and advanced machine learning with data from existing sources. Pairzon empowers businesses to gain a comprehensive view of each one of their customers, use that data to predict and deliver relevant, individualized experiences during key moments of interaction across channels. The solution enables businesses to better engage their customers, extract insights and build valuable relationships that lead to more conversions, greater revenues, and increased loyalty. Dramatic improvement in Business ROAS (Offline): Robust and accurate analytics of offline and online customers engagement while comparing across varying ads channels and platforms, as well as revenue attribution and ROAS reporting, which Leads to dramatic increase in sales and retention.
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Decatlhon and all retailers with Physical Presence

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