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Missing Link

Missing Link

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Fundada en 2014

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Missing Link is a company that came together when four friends who had worked in the same team before decided to join forces once again. Moved by their friendship and by the common belief that it is possible to achieve better results by the appropriate work ethic, they decided to give their best to produce better software. With a vast work experience, including world leaders such as Google, Sabre, Orbitz, Autodesk, and others, and also in regional leaders such as Globant and, the team at Missing Link is a complete and fully functional working unit, with the extra energy that only friendship and a good environment can provide. Our tenure at other companies is a part of the journey that brought us her, which we embrace, because it taught us a lot. And we intend to apply it to future endeavors. At Missing Link, we believe that software, such as all engineering endeavors, should be conceived as a tool, as a means to improve people's lives. That is why we focus our development process in usability and in solving the user's problems, or improving the user's potential. We love technology and we have worked with many of the most popular software development tools, with Java, Javascript, and Python being the core of our building stack. However, since we believe in user-oriented instead of technology-oriented solutions, we're always eager to learn new ones.
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