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Hortensia- Boutique de Belleza

Hortensia- Boutique de Belleza

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Fundada en 2017

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Mi name is Estefania Sena and I´m charge of a cosmetics company in Uruguay which imports k-beauty from South Corea. Below I provide you with a short introduction to the company and the product lines we work so far. Juhee from Kotra ( Embassy of Korea in Argentina and Uruguay) gave me your Contact. Two years ago we have talked but we can not have an agreement. What is Hortensia? We want to recover the essence of classic beauty care. We bring the most innovative and best quality of Korean cosmetics. Solutions adapted to the short time of today´s woman daily routine, at affordable prices and with easy purchase. Masks for Hair, Face, Lips, Body, Hands, Feet and Nails. Effective, cute and fun. The Spa at Home! They are beauty salon treatments but to be executed in the comfort of your home. We are working with Kocostar, Cosrx and misung metal ( accesorios), konjac sponges and dashing diva ( from NY) In Uruguay, we have retail presence through our online store (where you can also see the product Line we offer today), our own physical store at the largest and more upscale Shopping Mall, and also in the main Beach in Punta del Este during the summertime . We also sell wholesale to one of the largest drugstore chains in the country, and work with specialty vendors like Beauty Salons and Spas. The later is the model we intend to implement in Brasil. That´s why I´d love to meet the likes sin Brazil. Now we have 90 points of sales.
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Farmashop; San Roque, Montevideo Shopping
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