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Garnett Technologies Inc

Garnett Technologies Inc

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Fundada en 2001

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Globalisation, deregulation and changing markets are creating fundamental and irresistible change in the way organisations and businesses function in the World Economy. To achieve a competitive advantage, these entities are becoming increasingly focussed on the efficient use of both existing and new Information Technology architectures. Technology too is changing, with the Internet and Intranet rapidly changing the nature of business-to-business and business-to-client interactions. E-Business and E-Commerce are now established mechanisms for the Enterprise, and companies are racing to embrace these technologies and utilise them to establish and maintain their place in the dynamic global marketplace. Garnet Technologies Inc. provides the opportunity for companies to leverage their existing IT investments and adapt to present and future requirements with the rapid deployment of thin client, universally accessible applications and robust, secure, mission critical server application support to function in the today and tomorrow global business network. You ask how. We provide the how
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Trinidad y Tobago

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Government, NGOs,UN,Private Sector
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