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Dartmouth Research & Consulting/DRC Mexico SA

Dartmouth Research & Consulting/DRC Mexico SA

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10 empleados
Fundada en 1989

Descripción de la empresa

DRC customizes programs to address a specific client’s business needs. At DRC, we believe that every client challenge is unique, requiring a dedicated team from problem identification and analysis through the formulation of recommendations to the implementation of creative solutions. When working with clients, DRC designs programs to support decision makers. DRC teams are committed to providing the tools and insights necessary to shape the critical decisions facing management as well as the organizational and market challenges of today’s global businesses. Methodology—discipline, collaboration, creativity We pursue each client challenge with a disciplined methodology designed to objectively develop critical information and innovate management thinking. Typically, engagements consist of distinct phases beginning with a comprehensive analysis designed to uncover potential problems or challenges. Upon careful analysis within a collaborative setting with the client team, DRC defines the implications with specific actionable recommendations to support strategic objectives. We tailor our approach to provide deep insight into the dynamics of business and market processes at all levels of the client organization. Using pictorial representations, models and graphics as much as possible, we provide a conceptual background for building the strategic roadmap. This enables our clients to make the critical decisions needed to: • Build the foundation for competitive advantage • Enhance operational performance • Grow human capital • Achieve sustainable results Simply put, throughout an engagement, DRC will ask questions in interviews and work sessions that are compelling and designed to result in creative, effective solutions. Depth and breadth of experience DRC has the experience of working across all levels of an organization from front-line workers to boards of directors. DRC’s strength and experience in developing and analyzing information allows our client to draw upon a wide range of strategic business experiences to develop a deep understanding of local markets, business cultures, industry process and strategic planning. When designing strategic and operational programs with clients, DRC focuses on business conditions that disrupt markets and threaten profitability. In the end, we push to align organizational competencies with market opportunities that result in strategies and corporate development initiatives with measurable outcomes.
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Principales clientes:

Global corporations in banking, telecommunications, manufacturing & governments
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