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Export-Import Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (EXIMBANK) Limited

Export-Import Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (EXIMBANK) Limited

Type idb bank: 
State Enterprise - Financial Institution

Institutional information

Eximbank emerged out of what was formerly EXCICO, which was established in 1973 by the GORTT. Excico was converted to Eximbank in 1977 to conduct “the business of a Confirming House, Acceptance House and Finance Company …(and) Financial Services”, to meet the export needs of the domestic economy and to expand trade of the SMEs in the non hydrocarbon section.

Our Mission:

To provide a wide range of attractive and effective trade finance products to the export sector that will satisfy market needs while facilitating regional penetration and expansion at the same time positioning our clients to take advantage of global opportunities.

Our Vision:

To be the premier trade finance and credit insurance institution facilitating the national export thrust as the country pursues its stated goal of sustainable economic growth and development.

Our Mandate:

The Eximbank would vigorously pursue its mission to facilitate the growth and expansion of the non-energy export and manufacturing sectors in order to enhance the foreign exchange earnings of Trinidad and Tobago and to create and sustain employment through the provision of short term pre and post shipment financing, term loans, guarantees and export credit insurance coverage to the exporting community.

Number of branches


Financial products

  • Imports Loan
  • Exports Loan
  • Short Term Working Capital Facilities
  • Demand Loans
  • Export Credit Insurance

Types of Guarantees required:

  • Deposit
  • Guarantor
  • Mortgage

Financial services

  • Export Credit Insurance

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