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IADB teams up with TransparentBusiness to facilitate access to remote work technologies for SMEs
  • CloudWorking trainings will be held to facilitate the successful implementation of remote work programs.
  • The agreement includes the donation of TransparentBusiness licenses to startups and SMEs founded by women.
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Published by ConnectAmericas

Washington DC - March 19, 2020. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will join forces with TransparentBusiness, the platform for verifiable management of geographically distributed teams, to facilitate access to remote working technologies to SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The alliance will be held the IDB Social Sector and ConnectAmericas for Women, the IDB platform that connects women entrepreneurs with business opportunities and with learning tools to improve the management of their companies.

In the context of Coronavirus rapid expansion, companies are being forced to implement work programs from home and the use of technologies that allow transparent collaboration by distributed work teams is a key factor for the sustainability and success of the programs of remote work. Therefore, the alliance aims to bring training and technology to Latin America and support female entrepreneurs in successfully managing remote work teams. 

Coronavirus has already affected hundreds of thousands of people in more than 110 countries. Millions of workers in Europe and Latin America are immobilized from their homes to prevent the spread. In this situation of maximum emergency, it is important to act quickly to continue activities and thus minimize the economic effects that will come for the affected countries.

TransparentBusiness is a SaaS platform designed to assist companies and government agencies with a tool for coordinating and monitoring remote workers, providing information on the status of budget expenditures and projects in real time, increasing productivity and protecting companies’ institutions of overbilling.

“Many companies are in a context of transition and fear for the lack of control that the sudden implementation of remote work will bring. The key to making these new schemes work is for technology and processes to be used to solve the challenges associated with managing distributed teams,  which are lack of trust, coordination, and accountability. ” stated Silvina Moschini, President and founder of TransparentBusiness.

As part of the collaboration, TransparentBusiness will offer three-month free licenses for startups and SMEs led by women to support remote job management during the Coronavirus outbreak and support the acceleration of distributed and inclusive work models.

One of the IDB's fundamental pillars is its commitment to gender equality and the promotion of women economic empowerment. Launched in 2016, ConectAmericas for Women, the online business platform unites women entrepreneurs with business opportunities and offers them training tools to improve the management of their companies. Currently the network has more than 90,000 businesswomen from 100 countries and more than 36,000 have received training and participated in business forums.

Cloudworking training

Through three “virtual” and interactive trainings led by Silvina Moschini (@Miss_Internet), President and founder of TransparentBusiness. we will help startups and SMEs incorporate industry best practices, tools for remote collaboration, and other technology resources to maximize the efficiency of remote work.




Monday, March 23 at 11:00 am ET (View recording)

Tuesday March 24 at 11:00 am ET (View recording)

Wednesday, March 25 at 11:00 am ET (View recording)



About TransparentBusiness

Designated by Citigroup as the "Top People Management Solution", platform increases the productivity of remote work, protects against over-billing, allows easy monitoring and coordination of geographically distributed teams and provides real-time information on costs and task and project statuses - see

TransparentBusiness is an Integrated Partner of ADP. TransparentBusiness shareholders include Telefónica, as well as current and former SEC executives, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Stifel, Bank of America, Barclays Global Investors, UBS, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Trust Company of the West, Deutsche Bank, CA Technologies, Airbus and Accenture.

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