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How to find suppliers or clients abroad? - ConnectAmericas Supply Chain Program.
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Learn more about the Supply Chain Program:

  •  ConnectAmericas, an Inter-American Development Bank platform, offers entrepreneurs the Supply Chain Program, through which they can connect with suppliers of products and services internationally.
  • This program includes personalized support and is entirely free.

Finding suppliers and customers in other countries can be challenging; finding the companies, verifying that they are legitimate and trustworthy, and contacting them is time-consuming, especially for companies embarking on their first experiences in international trade or when advancing work with a new country of destination or origin for our operations.

In response to this, the Inter-American Development Bank, through its ConnectAmericas platform, seeks to promote the strengthening of foreign trade of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region through the Supply Chain Program.

What is the Supply Chain Program?

This free of charge program, provides our Connectamericas users the following:

1. Creation of purchase ads: A purchase ad manifests a company's intention. In the purchase announcement, the purchasing company specifies the products or services it requires, providing details such as the required technical sheet, the type of packaging and labeling, and certification requirements if suppliers from a specific country are preferred.

The purchasing company must have a verified ConnectAmericas profile to publish a purchase announcement. Click here to verify your profile.

To create a purchase ad, you can either:

  1. Send an email to telling us what you want to buy, your specifications and requirements, or
  2. Complete this web form, providing the required information. 

2. Dissemination of the purchase opportunity to different channels: A ConnectAmericas advisor will disseminate the purchase announcement, contacting companies that can meet the requirements and inviting them to apply, and sharing the announcement on ConnectAmericas' social networks and via emails to the different Chambers of Commerce and local partners.

3. Pre-selection of applicants: The ConnectAmericas advisor will review the applications to your purchase ad and send you the quotes from the best applications. Only applications from verified companies are considered.

4. Contact with applicants and closing of business: When the buyer receives the quotes from the best applicants, they can decide under their criteria which company(ies) to contact directly to resolve any questions and execute the next steps toward a business deal.

We look forward to helping you find suppliers and customers at ConnectAmericas.

Contact us through  or click here to schedule an information appointment with us.


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