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COVID-19: How to export during the Coronavirus crisis with ConnectAmericas


The international business platform created by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) allows companies to continue doing business even amid international fair cancellations and high demand for products around the world.


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Published by ConnectAmericas

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ConnectAmericas is a free business platform that has a social networking format, created by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to connect companies interested in carrying out foreign trade and international investment operations. The platform has already mainly helped Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) with training, access to information on financing, and connecting customers, suppliers, and investors abroad.

The strategy of using this platform can be the solution to guarantee your company's sales during the COVID-19, you also can train your employees (who are in the home office), as well as discover how banks and TPOs in your country can help you during this crisis. 

Having that in mind, we summed up some tips on how ConnectAmericas can help to keep the cash flow of your company. 

1. Get new clients

The COVID-19 spread has caused the cancellation or postponement of several international trade fairs and business meeting events. Thus, to keep the pace of your business and get new buyers, we recommend you to check the open Purchasing Announcements on ConnectAmericas. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, several buyers have been using digital means to find suppliers to meet the high demand for the most required products during this period.  If you are interested in these opportunities, fill in, and verify your company’s profile on the platform, to complete the application form of the purchasing announcement of your choice.

Another way to connect with potential customers is through the Business Communities of ConnectAmericas, which works as an international classified listing or sales group. The users can publish offers to buy and sell, and opinion pieces. Thus, it is a perfect forum for you to follow news and trends in your industry, expand your network, and negotiate your products while working remotely.

Moreover, in the Companies section, you can access the entire database of companies and people registered on the platform, as well as filter them by country and sector. You also get to know which products or services they are looking for or offering, the companies’ address, certifications, and affiliations. Therefore, we suggest you to use these filters to find companies that resemble your current or desired customer. By clicking on the company profile’s contact, you will be able to communicate directly with them.  

2. Use the home office time to train your employees

The social isolation can also be a significant opportunity to train and qualify your team. In the Learn section, we offer a range of articles, videos, webinars, and courses about a variety of topics, including management, planning, foreign markets, sales, finance, entrepreneurship, innovation, and others.

ConnectAmericas Academy offers free online courses to our users. You and your colleagues can take courses such as Internationalization of Companies, How to Export to Europe, Business Plan in 7 steps, Authorized Economic Operator, and Digital Marketing.

Golden tip: always check our e-mails, because through it we communicate our webinars and what is new on the platform. During this time, we increased the number of webinars to help companies like yours to tackle this crisis in the most constructive way possible.

3. Don't be afraid to seek help

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that we can only get out of it if we work together. Thus, more than ever, your company must take advantage of the TPO’s programs available in your country or region. The Financial Services and Business Support section is available for you to see how chambers, government entities, and other entities can help you do more and better business.

The Partnering Banks section provides financial products and services that the banks offer to small businesses in foreign trade. These financial products can help boost your business during this recession.

4. Stay tuned for virtual events

As a response to social isolation, many institutions are launching virtual business events and virtual meetings. ConnectAmericas itself has already launched the virtual format of LAC Flavors, to connect buyers and suppliers. Hence, in the Events section, you can find all the events of the IDB Group and its partners. We are working to bring as many virtual events as possible to our users.

Did you like these tips?

If yes, start by putting them into practice right now. We remind you that this IDB platform is free and aims to help you do more business during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Together we are stronger.

How can you register on ConnectAmericas?

You only need to click on the “Sign in” button above and fill the form. After this, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to activate your user account.

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Read this article to know about all sections and features of


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