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Rensair - portable air purifier

Rensair - portable air purifier

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United Kingdom
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What would it mean to you to have hospital-grade air purification in all of your sites, offices and facilities? Rensair make hospital-grade air purification, portable. Having supplied Scandanavian hospitals for 12+ years, in light of the pandemic, Rensair now make portable air purification available and accessible to local businesses, gyms, governments, schools, clinics, care homes, salons, shops and more. Rensair information deck: To highlight some of the key features: - Patented technology to not only capture, but also kill, airborne bacteria and viruses with efficiency of >99.97% including the coronavirus family (also effective against pollen, moulds, yeasts, allergens and odours) - Efficiency tested by Eurofins, Norconsult and Oslo University Hospital - Hospital-grade components, including HEPA13 filter and ozone-free UVC light - Requires no installation, simply plug in and it runs - Minimal maintenance required, 9,000 hours (~1 year) of continuous run time before any service is needed - Large air processing capacity of 560m³/hour (20,000ft³/hour). We recommend using one Rensair for every 120m² (1,250ft²) of space - Built-in particle counter and can automatically adjust airflow based on impurities in the air It is the combination of HEPA filters with UVC light, in a portable format for commercial use, that is unique to Rensair. There are a lot of air purifiers on the market with HEPA filters but without the UVC component, these products only collect the virus and bacteria whereas Rensair kills them. Other air purifiers with both HEPA and UVC exist, but they are generally only for residential use - they do not have the necessary airflow capacity to effectively work in a retail or office environment. Rensair are supplying the world's largest Care Home groups, Governmental Healthcare institutions and local businesses alike. We are seeking interested buyers, distributors and resellers. Competitive $ incentives.
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United Kingdom, USA

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Care Homes, Schools, Gyms, Hospitals, Clinics, Shops, Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Salons, Studios, Airports, Residential homes, SMEs, local businesses, Enerprises, Offices


All scientific certificates ad independent laboratory tests are publicly available on our website to validate performance (
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