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Irie Rock Ltd

Irie Rock Ltd

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Established in 2009

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Manufacturing of Natural Skincare products Lessons learned in childhood undoubtedly extend for person’s lifetime. Irie Rock’s founder Racquell Brown, was nurtured in the parish of Trelawny,(now refers as the parish of Usain Bolt) Jamaica. She often spent her days with her grandmother embracing nature, by sitting in the midst of various fruit trees and herbs. Racquell’s love for all things natural was born of enchantment with the lingering aromas pervading the air from these delights of nature. Irie Rock is a natural line of skin care products. Natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing process. The resulting products are beneficial to the maintenance of the skin and have the added value of exotic scents and a smooth feel when applied. The Irie Rock brand currently consist of a spa line which is used in spas across the island , a newly developed Facial line which is the Irie Rock Tea Tree and Witch Hazel line that is geared towards persons with normal to problematic skin and finally the Irie Rock Body Care line which is the company flagship brand all lines are all natural and can be found in pharmacies, beauty stores and spas islandwide. Irie Rock officially commenced production in 2008 a little more than four years ago however the concept and legwork for the brand has been place many years before that. “I was working as a marketer in the UK,” Racquell explains. “Where, because of my sensitive skin, I started to make natural products which would help my skin. When I came back home (to Jamaica) I just continued to make products for both myself and a few others.” While working at Jamaica Standard Products, Racquell cultivated dreams of creating a brand of her own. It just so happened that she would get her opportunity as the company begun taking redundancy action in order to balance their books. Fortunately, Racquell had a whole year to prepare for that eventuality. “After the first wave of redundancies, I took my whole 2 week vacation and acquired my first set of customers. Literally a year after, I was let go which was good for me as it gave me an opportunity to finally focus my marketing talents on my own business.” In fact only a month after, Irie Rock gained its first significant client with one of the leading hotels here. Since then Irie Rock’s spa clientele has expanded for some of the more established spas in the island Irie Rock is a preferred product. Additionally, Irie Rock has personalized the spa experience with the release of a retail line. It is Racquell’s intention to offer the service to local and international consumers alike. Stores island wide carry the retail brand and others are lining up to embrace the product. The founder is inordinately pleased she states” People exposed to the brand have been extremely loyal to Irie Rock. The growth in popularity of one’s product is an incredible experience for any entrepreneur. It means you are leaving an indelible mark on your customers.” She says with a smile. Irie Rock has future plans to release new products. Racquell intends to literally place the product in every bathroom across the island . That is her lifetime goal. She will then move on to the international scene. Racquell states boldly and with a sense of defiance “not bad for a company that has its origins in the small garden at the back of a humble home in Trelawny. The Irie ROCK Natural line include the Irie Rock Tea Tree& Witch Hazel Facial Line of products that are geared towards person that have oily and Acne prone skin. There is also the Irie Rock Serum line this line is for persons that have dry and aging skin ; this line consist of three peels ( 3% Glycolic Acid , Salicylic Acid and a Pigment serum for on spot treatment of dark spots) and a Vitamin C serum and a Anti Aging Serum and finally we have our Body Care Line of product that as our Body Butters , Body Scrubs , Body Washes and our Body Oils our various Caribbean scents such as coconut, mango, papaya, coffee, vanilla to name a few. I have dared to embrace the natural elements derived from fruits and herbs. These have been vital to the development of Irie Rock. Let them Rock your world. Irie Rock Natural Skincare that Works!
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Pharmacies, beauty store, hotels and spas


Jampro, JMA, JBDC
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