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HoneyKist Apiaries Ltd.

HoneyKist Apiaries Ltd.

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Established in 2010

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At HoneyKist we are more than just a business…we are a Family! The strength of the beehive is directly related to the “Brood strength” (number of young worker bees); which in turn is directly related to the quantity and quality of the honey produced. The stronger the hive (Family) the more it thrives and the greater the production. From the beginning we have passionately believed that the stronger the family ties and bonds, the more the entire family/community and the business thrives and the greater the results! Established in 2010, HoneyKist Apiaries (HKA) Limited is a Jamaican born family owned and community oriented business that grew from a cottage-industry enterprise and developed based on a belief that the purest and healthiest foods are those which have been provided by Nature. From this vision emerged a true passion and desire to create premium, innovative, all natural Jamaican products that are not only good, but also good for you! It is about once again bringing that pure natural goodness and flavour to our tables, whilst restoring and maintaining our harmony with nature, the surrounding community and its environment. This is reflected in not only how we set-up and manage our apiaries, handle our bees, and reap our honey; but also, in how we process our products. We work with and within the community to ensure the quality and freshness of the local fruits, vegetables and spices we incorporate in our products; as well as to support the community’s growth and development. HoneyKist aims to produce new & innovative products that are of high quality, distinctive, nutritious & delicious; that will introduce and provide the World with an enriched alternative lifestyle, based on their convenience, distinguishing flavour and increased health & wellness benefits; while actively supporting sustainable environmental & community development. HoneyKist is committed to our Mission of “Creating and Embracing a Life(style) full of Flavour” - a “Win-Win” lifestyle where our Customers; Partners, Staff and Community Family can have it all! The HoneyKist brand represents premium products, which embody a flavour and spirit of aspiration and rewards our Customers with new, delicious, and healthy experiences that are convenient and affordable. Our Customers can continue to live their busy lives while still enjoying the balance of celebrating family and friends with great tasting gourmet meals and at the same time supporting their health and wellness.
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Loshushan Supermarket, John R Wong Supermarket, Progressive Grocers, Caribbean Producers Jamaica, Fontana Pharmacy


Bureau of Standards Jamaica, FDA registered


Jamaica Manufacturer's Association, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), Jamaica Exporters association
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