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Campbell Scientific (Canada) Corp.

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76 employees
Established in 1979

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Campbell Scientific Canada is an Edmonton based company that provides weather and environmental data acquisition systems and sensors. Our core purpose is “Always striving to make the best measurement possible” making the quality of the measurement a foundation of our business. Our extensive product range and automatic weather stations address a broad spectrum of markets, from agricultural and hydrological research to environmental monitoring networks, with sophisticated communications and a wide range of industrial applications including vehicle testing (automotive, railway, mass transit), mining, oil and gas production, and engineering. CSC maintains a leadership role in the market and will continue to do so by taking advantage of the latest innovations. CSC was incorporated in June 1980 and is an ISO 9001 certified corporation with a proven track record of developing innovative products for the market and also has a state of the art manufacturing facility from where all our products are designed and built. Since 2012, CSC has been developing a rugged and compact data acquisition device that works with smart sensors combined with cloud based analytics which allows the configuration of simplified stations adapted to specialized applications. This system has been used in various industries but a targeted focus has been given to climate smart agriculture where these stations can be used to prioritize field operations while supporting carbon offsetting projects and increasing productivity.
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Canada, United Kingdom, USA, India, China, Costa Rica, Australia

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Federal Government, Provincial or State Governments, Universities, Municipalities, Agriculture co-ops,


ISO 9001, ISO 17025, COR (Health & Safety)
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