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B.I.R.D. (Basaran Initiative for Research and Development) Consultancy, Inc.

B.I.R.D. (Basaran Initiative for Research and Development) Consultancy, Inc.

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ABOUT OUR COMPANY Our company has its Headquarters in the Techno City complex at the campus of one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey, the Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta. This gives us the opportunity to draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of its distinguished academic staff and other resources to carry out our collaboration in research and development and innovation activities. Our company currently has liaisons in Paris, France; Guatemala City, Guatemala; and soon to have one in New York, USA. We are involved in export/import wholesale trade activities as well as in research and development, innovation, and establishing bilateral and multilateral partnerships. MISSION Our Company is committed to produce and supply goods that are safe, healthy and wholesome, produced in harmony with the nature, and in a sustainable and most environment friendly way that will benefit and protect the environment, producers and consumers. And our services are custom tailored to our clients’ needs, effective, efficient and of superior professional quality to ensure customers satisfaction. VISION Our vision is to be a world leader and model in safety, efficiency and innovation in the fields of our business involvements. In achieving this vision, we will endeavor to use processes that nurture mother earth by applying and abiding by all the globally recognized principles of “good practices” throughout our operations in satisfying the needs of clients/consumers of our goods and services; and our social responsibilities. PRINCIPLES, VALUES AND OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPANY 1. Follow strict ethical, fair and just business principles. 2. Provide employment and livelihood opportunities to small and medium size, especially women owned and operated enterprises. 3. Conserve and reuse resources. 4. Produce products free from harmful substances and residues to the environment, all living beings and consumers. 5. Follow non-exploiting practices of the workers and pay special attention to gender balance and equality throughout the company operations. 6. Make a positive contribution to the quality of life of our workers, associates, and communities where we operate. 7. Produce efficiently to achieve the best quality products at the most competitive prices because we believe it is not enough to do things right, we have to do them better. AREAS OF INVOLVEMENT INCLUDE FOLLOWING SECTORS & SUBSECTORS: A) AGRICULTURE 1) Production of certified seedling (fruits). 2) Production of certified seeds (fruits, vegetables, decorative plants, field crops and animal feeds). 3) Providing agricultural inputs/supplies and equipment (chemicals and machinery). 4) Product processing (sizing, packaging, processing into various products) and storage. 5) Provide certification and documentation activities in Global Good Agricultural Practices, Good Production/Processing Practices, and Organic Agriculture. 6) Provide consulting services in all aspects of agriculture and setting up orchards on “turn key” basis. 7) Identification, production and processing of industrially significant agricultural products (for fibres; for seeds; for oils; for bio-fuels). B) COSMETICS AND MEDICINAL PLANTS 8) Production and use of those medicinal plants and seeds native to the region or newly introduced by us that will be used in production of health, beauty, personal care, medicine, nutrition and dietary supplement. C) ENERGY (Renewable & Green) 9) Production (harvesting) of energy from the Sun and other renewable energy sources for particular agricultural needs (irrigation, green house heating). 10) Production (harvesting) of energy from the Sun and other renewable energy sources for use for domestic and industrial energy needs of the communities. 11) Build and operate waste recycle and reuse systems, including energy production from wastes. D) TOURISM 12) Develop sustainable eco tourism activities using the natural resources available in the region (the Egirdir Lake, Davraz mountains/skiing, country sides and pastures). 13) Develop “vacation” villages, resorts; set up and operate tourism agencies; to function as tour operator for domestic and foreign destinations; purchase, rent, manage and market land, sea, and air transport vehicles. E) LOGISTICS 14) To develop a fleet for the transport of raw, semi and fully processed goods; customs brokerage for import and export (including re-export); insurance, quality control and inspection of imported and exported goods. F) PUBLICITY, ADVERTISING, HRD, HRM AND FILM PRODUCTION 15) To engage in all types of advertising; creating trade mark, label and brand names; promotions; film production; public relation activities; set up domestic and foreign partnerships; accept and give representations.
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fruits and vegetables growers everywhere


"blue certificate" for fruit seedlings


Isparta Chamber of Commerce (in progress)
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