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ALG Systems Co., Ltd.

ALG Systems Co., Ltd.

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South Korea
26 employees
Established in 2015

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We have founded ALG Systems last year with specialty of LED streetlight technology. We have several patents about LED cooling tech. One of them is concerned with the manufacturing method of Heat Sink. LED lamp makes huge heat and heat sink means cooling down heat. So, Heat Sink is the most important key factor to decide the performance and endurance of LED applied products like Streetlight. So, for such LED applied products, it is the most important to increase the surface area that heat contacts, why? The much spacious area heat contacts, the faster cool down the heat. Our cooling engine has plenty layers of aluminum fin plates which are wound in a seamless way in order to make the contact area as much as possible. But most of LED streetlight in use around you has plenty of cut plates which are jointed and welded with a seam. Such conventional mechanical way of heat sink may obtain the increase of surface area that heat contacts, but too much difficult to manufacture and causes too much expense. This is a key concept of our patented technology and differentiation from others. So, thanks to our ground-breaking heat sink engine, we are able to make mass production possible, to make the weight of streetlight lighter than ever, to make a life of streetlight longer than ever, to make LED streetlight smarter, which existing LED streetlight can’t dream at all. In addition, we are able to use anti-UV resin processed Poly-carbonate material for fixture, which weighs about 3.8kg including all inner things, and endures longer without corrosion, decomposition, oxidation, shock, and crack. Above all, dramatic performance of heat sink, almost three times higher than other rivals, can make LED streetlight smarter embedding WiFi AP inside. Our LED streetlight can be a hotspot. You can just use existing streetlight and change a lamp head fixture and transform it into a hotspot or IoT medium. It is not until our streetlights turn on that A Smart City could be completed.
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Korean local municipalities
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