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Access to Value Chain Challenge

Masterclass: How can you meet requirements set by large, multinational, clients?

Second Masterclass of the Access to Value Chain Challenge

Do you want to become a supplier of large companies and access global value chains?

Large companies work with many suppliers, and it becomes impossible to have a personal relationship with all of them. At the same time, they must make sure the products and services they offer meet the requirements in the markets they operate!

How can this be done, and how can you as a supplier make sure you not only meet the requirements, but also show that you do? And how is sustainability becoming a norm rather than a trend? This is the topic of our second Masterclass!

Watch this session with representatives from companies operating in international value chains! Sagu is a family and women owned business, that has reached more than 5 international markets, while Dole plc is one of the largest multinationals worldwide.


Enroll in the second module of the Supplier Development Program at the ConnectAmericas Academy to deepen your knowledge by clicking here

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