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Why invest in Portugal?

Portugal is writing new pages of its history. Innovation, talented people and leading companies are building a new country. Think Portugal as a symbol of high technology, high quality products, a place to invest or to live in.

5 reasons to invest in Portugal

  1. Changing from tradition to innovation. The structure of the Portuguese economy is based on the services industry. A big change is underway in manufacturing, moving our economy from high dependence on traditional sectors to those of larger incorporation of technology.     
  2. Gateway to the world. Portugal is a gateway to a 250 million Portuguese speaking market, which is responsible for generating an annual GDP of 1.6 billion euro. In the West Coast of Europe, Portugal's strategic position makes business easy whether you go West or East.  
  3. Connecting people and goods. Portugal connects people and businesses with the finest communications systems and logistic infrastructures. For diferent goods, services or just ideas, Portugal has the speed you need. 
  4. Skilled and talented people. Portugal has a strong pool of skilled and talented people. The country has its most qualified generation and is boosting its cientific work.
  5. Save time and money. Doing business in Portugal is easy and financially beneficial. It takes an average time of 46 minutes to set up your company with a wide range of services available through the internet.

More information

Now that you have seen Portugal in a glance, keep a little bit of it directly in your computer. Download Portugal – Europe’s West Coast Presentation, in your own language, and share it with business partners or friends. 


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