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Why Invest in Ecuador?

1. Ecuador's economy is one of the most dynamic of the region.

  • According to the ECLAC, the Ecuadorian economy is among those of better performance in Latin America.
  • Ecuador has been gradually liberalizing the investment atmosphere by opening free trade zones, and augmenting the incentives available for investment in existing national industries. While the biggest part of the labor force is employed in the agricultural sector and most of the goods elaborated are destined to domestic consumption, the Government is trying to stimulate more industrial and technical development. There is financing available for those who choose to invest in certain economic sectors considered of more development by the Government. Fiscal credits and unlimited remission of currency are given to every sector of economic activity.
  • Besides, as of 1992, Ecuador has been eliminating commercial barriers, opening commercial borders, and reducing tariffs with Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. It is also actively favoring a commercial relationship with Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

2. Ecuador has clear rules.

  • The Constitution promotes private investment in the economy, guarantees the freedom of entrepreneurship and mandates the State to stimulate free competition and competitive markets. It also stipulates the protection of private property and guarantees the execution of contracts. On the other hand, it allows investors, both national and foreign, from the private sector, through concessions or the privatization of state enterprises, to acquire responsibilities in topics such as construction and handling of public works, such as roads, ports, among others; or the provision of basic services: water, electric energy and telecommunications; the same that are currently managed by the State.
  • Every investor has the option to apply for a contract with the Ecuadorian Government, providing stability for 15 years, extensible to another 15 years. The minimum amount of investment in the contract is $250.000 US dollars during the first year.
  • The Ecuadorian law establishes that local and foreign investors must be treated equally before the law, and must have the same rights. Even if the common policies towards nations that are not members of the Andean Community and the Latin American Association of Integration have been discussed, there has been no consensus and each nation is still responsible to implement its own development policies.  

3. Ecuador provides incentives to investors.

  • The country has the lowest Income Tax in the región.
  • Reduction of 10 points from the rate of the Income Rent for reinvestment in productive actives.
  • Dismissal of payment of the Minimum Advance of the Income Rate for 5 years for the new companies that are constituted in the country.
  • Dismissal of payment of the Exit of Currency Tax (ISD) for foreign payments for external credits, with a window bigger than one year and a rate no higher than that authorized by the Central Bank of Ecuador, except for tax havens.
  • Deduction of an additional 100% for the calculation of the Income Rent Rate and the expenses in salaries for the generation of new employment in determined areas, for 5 years.
  • Deduction of an additional 100% for the calculation of the income rent rate for the use of machinery for cleaner production and for the implementation of systems of renewable energies (solar, eolic or similar) or the mitigation of environmental impact.
  • Additional benefits for medium companies, such as training and technical assistance.

4. Ecuador has a privileged location and infrastructure.

  • Ecuador is situated to the North of South America, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This provides the country with a strategic position in the continent, due to its direct access to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Ecuador has a strategic location in the center of the world (zero latitude from the Ecuatorial line).
  • Mega-diverse climate, with more than 81 microclimates.
  • Located in one of the most productive agricultural areas of the world.
  • Stable climate conditions with defined wet and dry seasons.
  • Highest amount of daylight.
  • The port system in Ecuador is composed of seven state ports and ten prívate docks, specialized in general cargo and oil. The most important are: i) Guayaquil Port: It has state of the art technology, moving more than 20 containers per hour. Very efficient and safe. ii) Manta Port: It has a 12 meters draught, allowing ships of great length and capacity –such as the post-panamax- to make landfall. iii) Esmeraldas Port: It is an element of great benefit for the foreign trade due to its closeness to the Panama Canal. iv) Bolívar Port: Strategically located in the province with the biggest production of bananas in the country, El Oro.

5. Ecuador is the most competitive country in the región in terms of electric rates for the comercial and productive sectors.

  • Ecuador is the most competitive country in the región in terms of electric rates for the comercial and productive sectors: The aggressive investment plan in renewable energy should allow Ecuador to increment its comparative advantages in this field. Thanks to the construction of hydroelectric dams and of the Pacific Refinery, the country would stop importing about $4.000 million per year in oil, and will move from 3770 MW of capacity in 2006 to 6779 MW in 2016.
  • The dates for the beggining of the expected operation of the projects of electric productions are the following: Villonaco in 2012; Mazar Dudas in 2013; Toachi, Pilatón and Munduriacu in 2014; Quijos, Delsitanisagua and Minas-San Francisco in 2016; and Coca Codo Sinclair in 2016.

6. Ecuador has a sophisticated access to telecommunications.

  • Among the telecommunications policies of the Ecuadorian Government is the growth of the fiber optic, as an inclusive line. During these past 6 years, the length of the fiber optic multiplied by 25 in Ecuador.
  • In 2006, the country had 1.251 kilometers of fiber optic, and by 2012 this amount grew to 30.8998,68 kilometers, representing a direct benefit for all Ecuadorians, who constantly interact with the new Information and Communication Technologies.

7. Ecuador has an ideal network of airports, three of which are international.

  • Ecuador has an ideal airport network Ecuador has an ideal network of airports, three of which are international. They are located in the cities of Quito, Guayaquil and Manta: i) The Mariscal Sucre International Airport, in Quito: Modern airport, inaugurated in 2013, it has one of the longest runway in Latin America, plus other six passenger boarding bridges, and a remote parking capacity of 20 airplanes. ii) The José Joaquín de Olmedo Airport, in Guayaquil: It has been catalogued as the best in Latin America in 2012. iii)The Eloy Alfaro International Airport in Manta: The runway will be expanded as part of the interoceanic Manta-Manaos axis infrastructure plan.

8. Ecuador is a great agricultural producer.

  • The 63% of the volumen of production, measured in metric tons, corresponds to permanent crops, such as banana, coffee, cocoa, african palm, sugar cane, among others.
  • One of the most important exporters in banana, cocoa, shrimp, flowers, canned tuna.


About Ecuador - Stats

Population 15.492.264 inhabitants
Currency ISO denomination US Dollar (USD)
Currency regulations Entrance of more than 10.000 $ USD must be declared.
Literacy Rate 92%
Life Expectancy 75,8 years
GDP (millions of US$) 84.039
GDP per capita 5.425
Unemployment Rate (2010) 4,2%
Foreign Debt (millions of US$) 12.578
Gross Debt (% of GDP) 13,9%
Growth of the population (annual rate) 1,6%
Age structure

0-14 years 30,1%

15-64 years 63,5%

65 years or more 6,4%

Gender structure (males per females) 0,99%
Urban population 68%


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