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What does Enterprise Florida offer to international partners?

Enterprise Florida maintains a network of 15 International Offices in 13 countries whose markets offer important trade and/or investment opportunities for Florida.

In Latin America, Enterprise Florida has offices in Mexico and Brazil, in order to provide assistance with the two most important business opportunities in the State:

  • Foreign Direct Investment. Florida is not only a top tourism destination, but also a popular destination for international business investment. Attracted by its large and booming economy, stable business environment, and international workforce, new business investments from around the world pour into Florida every year, making it one of the top U.S. destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI).
  • International Trade. Florida is a major gateway for merchandise trade between North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other world regions. Over the last decade, the total value of Florida’s merchandise trade has nearly doubled, surpassing $158 billion in value in 2013. Florida companies act as key suppliers to buyers in dozens of countries worldwide, shipping goods made locally in Florida (“Florida-origin exports”), elsewhere in the United States, or in another country. Florida is also an excellent gateway for non-U.S. companies selling their goods to the vast United States market.

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