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Uruguay: ANDE launches seed fund for entrepreneurs through incubators

With this non-reimbursable economic contribution, ANDE seeks to start or strengthen enterprises, products, services, processes and / or forms of commercialization that have differential value, potential for dynamic growth, job creation and that are business ideas validated in the market. Entrepreneurs must have the endorsement of an Entrepreneurship Sponsoring Institution (IPEs ANDE) who accompany the entrepreneurship in the ideation, application and monitoring process. 



  1. PROJECT FORM APPLICATION: The entrepreneurial team and the IPE that endorses and accompanies it, will work together throughout the Application stage. The IPE is in charge of completing the online project form proposed by ANDE.
  2. EVALUATION AND APPROVAL OF THE PROJECTS TO RECEIVE SEED ANDE: The Project Evaluation Committee will evaluate all the proposals that have been submitted in a timely manner. Once the evaluations are finished, the ranking will be carried out and the ANDE Board of Directors will issue the final Resolution.



To know more, visit the website of the ANDE



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Agencia Nacional de Desarrollo


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