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Understanding the EU market

The European market, comprised of 28 countries with approximately 500 million consumers, provides tremendous opportunities for exporters. The European Commission’s Export Help Desk offers several guides that help exporters understand how the EU trade system is organized, the procedures to follow and documentation required.

The cornerstone of the European market is the principle of free movement of goods, allowing them to be transported and sold anywhere in the EU. To a certain extent, complex and varied national laws have been replaced by a single set of European rules, cutting down on costs and inconveniences for businesses wanting to trade in other EU countries.

The EU market for goods is already highly integrated and harmonized across the 28 countries. However, to make the EU market work efficiently, businesses have to respect a number of rules and compete fairly. Anti-competitive behaviors, such as the abuse of a dominant market position, price-fixing agreements, and unwarranted public support are prohibited.

European Market Export Guides:

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