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Security Plan offered by the Chamber of Commerce of Quito

The Chamber of Commerce of Quito (CCQ), in compliance with its responsibility to defend its members, offers a Safety Plan to train, support and protect its members and/or owners of commercial property.

The Security Plan by the CCQ has a team of motorized security guards that patrols areas protected by the plan. The team is connected through a state-of-the-art emergency response system.

To access this benefit at no cost you must first sign the letter of agreement. Then, a CCQ security advisor will activate a panic button in your mobile device and train you on how the system works. 

The Security Plan by the CCQ consists of the following services:

  • Training and Education: This component aims to educate members and their partners in crime prevention and self-protection. Lectures and workshops are taught by police personnel and other highly skilled trainers.
  • Legal Action: The plan makes available a team of top lawyers to support our partners in cases of theft and vandalism to their businesses.
  • Relief System linked to the National Police: The system consists of a panic button installed on the partner´s mobile device which sends a distress signal that is pin pointed on a digital map. The system works in coordination with the National Police, which receives the distress signals.


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More info:

Fo more information, please:

  • call 1800 227 227, 
  • send an email to, or
  • visit our website.

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